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"Fake Note Detectors" is an initiative by Amit Electronics Mumbai.

Trendsetters in table top fake note detectors, Amit Electronics have remained favorites of the cashiers since year 2000. Amit Electronics proudly Manufactures the machines with a motto that states "know fake notes and thus achieve no fake note status in the business"Inspired by Tagore's words "Where the Mind is without Fear and the Head is held high"

Amit Electronics Metaphores the same spirit and idea in our day to day transactions that applies to the Receiver of a Note who fears a fake note and to the giver who may face an embarrasment if caught giving a fake note unintentionally.

For a demo of Fake Note Detector Mail us at  or Call us on 9820241589; 9323475951 or 9821475951.

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Amit Electronics

Pavanputra CHS,
Shiv Vallabh Rd,
Dahisar (E),
Mumbai 400068.
Ph: 022-28963973
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